Type definitions
charCharacter 8-bit
sbyteSigned 8-bit
byteUnsigned 8-bit
shortSigned 16-bit
ushortUnsigned 16-bit
intSigned 32-bit
uintUnsigned 32-bit
longSigned 64-bit
ulongUnsigned 64-bit
bool Boolean 8-bit

ColorsDescription of UO's 16-bit color values
Index FilesFormat of the generic index file
Anim.mulAnimated character/equip graphics
Anim.idxIndex file for Anim.mul
AnimData.mulData for static animations
Art.mulLand, static, and UO alpha graphics
ArtIdx.mulIndex file for Art.mul
Fonts.mulNine character sets
GumpArt.mulGump interface graphics
GumpIdx.mulIndex file for GumpArt.mul
Hues.mulHue coloring tables
Light.mulAdditive lightmap graphics
LightIdx.mulIndex file for Light.mul
Map<n>.mulLand Matrix
MultiMap.rleOverhead Map View
Multi.mulMulti item lists
Multi.idxIndex file for Multi.mul
Palette.mul24-bit RGB palette of unknown use
RadarCol.mulTile->Color table
SJIS2Uni.mulConversion table from SJIS to Unicode
SkillGrp.mulDefines what skills are in which groups
Skills.mulSkill table
Skills.idxIndex file for Skills.mul
Sound.mulSounds (PCM 22.050 kHz, 16-Bit Mono
SoundIdx.mulIndex file for Sound.mul
Speech.mulKeyword/ID table
StaIdx<n>.mulIndex file for Statics.mul
Statics<n>.mulStatic item lists
TexIdx.mulIndex file for TexMaps.mul
TexMaps.mulGround texture graphics
TileData.mulData about tiles (flags, properties, name)
UniFont[n].mulUnicode character set
VerData.mulPatch data